Types Of Carpet Cleaning Equipment You Can Choose From

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Types Of Carpet Cleaning Equipment You Can Choose From

28 April 2015
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Are you interested in hiring carpet cleaning equipment, but you aren't sure about the different types that are out there? Then take the time to familiarise yourself with the variety of carpet cleaning options available. By doing so you'll be able to find one that matches your requirements. With this point in mind, continue reading to find out what carpet cleaning equipment you can choose from:

  • Carpet steam cleaners: for a deep cleaning method that can get rid of bacteria and any foul odors, carpet steam cleaners is the way to go. The steam cleaner will pump pressurized steam, detergent and foam in order to force any unwanted particles from the carpet. Then once the spray part has been completed, a powerful vacuum will suck the dirt back up. However, the carpet will be wet after using a steam cleaner, and therefore should be given time to dry before walking on it. 
  • Self-contained steam cleaners: the self-contained models will work under the same setup as the normal steam cleaners, but between the water spray and the suction phase there is a brush that's used for scrubbing.This will increase the speed at which the carpet will be cleaned, because the brush can be more intense than the spray. Furthermore, a restoration option can be chosen where after the chemicals are used rising takes place. The point of this is to remove the chemicals and the dirt from the carpet more thoroughly. However, they are usually an overkill for residential carpets, and therefore are mainly used for industrial or commercial settings.
  • Bonnet cleaners: this cleaning methodology is a dry one and therefore, will not get rid of the bacteria as effectively as the steam cleaners. A round pad is in contact with the carpet and will rub against it, the friction that occurs as a result will remove the dirt from the carpet. The advantage of this method over steam cleaning is that you will not have to wait for the carpet to dry.
  • Vacuum cleaners: high powered vacuum cleaners are a good choice for regular cleaning because they are very quick to use. They can also get rid of a sufficient amount of dirt to make the carpet feel fresh. However, they cannot get rid of all the bacteria, and any odors that are coming out of the carpet. Therefore, you'll still have to carry out steam cleaning, but only every 3 months or so.

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